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Does anyone have experience in signing up with ABF and receiving REO and Short Sale listings? Any information would be greatly appreciated regarding if this is a good investment. Thank you.

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I have never heard of them. I couldn't find any information on them through google. Do they have a website?
Yes, the ABF website is:
Hi Linda, Have you received any REO listings from this company?
Hi Arlene,
Please let me know if you here from anyone who has gotten any listings as I haven't.
Hi Vicki,
I can not find an agent to corroborate the elusive REO listing from Or maybe the right word is illusory?
Did you catch the disappearing act that occurred regarding "Megan Combs" and "Janisse Dale AKA Megan Combs" posts? The posts no longer show up on this forum and "Megan Combs" is no longer a member.
Hi Arlene; no I have not. I took the training in Jan which I paid for
(as well as settleware). I 'qualified' for five free zipcodes now they
are charging $99 monthly for one zip code. We are being told via
our office the listings will arrive in late March, then late April, then
late May and now late June. The only positive thing is one of the
'contractors' I sent to the site to register got a call about the property
preservation coordination and settleware stopped deducting their
$29 from my account in April. So far that is all I know personally.
My understanding was that they would not charge the $99 a month fee until AFTER you received your first listing. I do believe that is what "Megan" had clarified.

I noticed in our market they are advertising on Craigslist for listing agents. Part of me wants to put a warning out to those to do their homework before they sign up. However, number one, I don't like to take a negative approach, and secondly, I think we should try to do our homework before making commitments and decisions. That is how this whole discussion began. Our group wanted to know more information and so I came here to inquire. I am so glad that I did. The information has been wonderful and I thank everyone for participating!
I've never heard of them but checking out the website I think it's crazy to pay $99 per zip code after you paid the signup fee. I use REOTrans & cover a few zip codes for only $53. I curious to see if anyone is using this service & if they've received any listings.You can signup for free with First Preston to get pre-approved short sales, they're only accepting agents in certain areas. Good Luck.
I was informed couple of days ago about ABF from a former agent of mine. She told me that the HQ is in Newport Beach, CA and that the owner (also with Exit Realty) supposedly have contacts with some of the banks. She is now in charge of a few states where she is trying to get new memberships. She said their goal is to reach 4,000 active members before they can get the banks to assign more REO and approved Short Sale listings to them. The initial application fee is $119 (I believe it is around there) and then you will be charge that $99 upon you receiving your first REO listing from that zip code. Now, I don't know when we will actually start getting anything.
I signed up this past weekend and tried to get the training on line to work and could not. I emailed the support several times yesterday and left messages, but no one returned by calls. I was told they were going to start receiving the listings in April. This is a new company and they are trying to get their agent contacts built up around the country. I know people who are putting out a lot of money each month for repairs on their listings (30-50k) and have a delay getting it back. Paying 99 for a zip code seemed easier to me than dealing with that up front work.
Hi Megan~I have been seriously considering signing up for 2 zip codes to begin with. I asked the local rep a few questions and she was excellent about emailing me with the answers. One thing I was not aware of is the fact that when we are paying $99 per mon per zip code that we were not the exclusive agent for that zip code. Is that true??? If not, how many agents can be paying for the same zip code?


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