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Does anyone have experience in signing up with ABF and receiving REO and Short Sale listings? Any information would be greatly appreciated regarding if this is a good investment. Thank you.

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Unfortunately, no one has yet responded with a positive experience with ABF. I hope your experience is different. Please keep us posted and here's hoping they got their act together.
Good Luck!
ABF advertise on craiglist now and i confirmed it by sending an email to them.

Nationwide Asset Management Company preparing to assign REO listings!

Highlights of our program:

· 6-8% Commissions

· REO Listings are Exclusively assiged to Agents (agents DO NOT compete).

· Agents DO NOT incur any monthly property maintenance expenses for our listings
(NO Cash for keys, NO Utilities, NO Repairs, etc.)

Please email for more information.

Compensation: Commission
Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
Please, no phone calls about this job!
Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.
Thank You everyone for making my decision concerning ABF. There was a post on the Florida board in Craigslist for REO Listing agents. I sent an email asking for more info. They provided a website and instructions on how the program works. With all the start-up fees, etc, it did seem a little pricey. Since I never heard of them, this was the first place I came to do research.

This place is the best concerning REO Realtor info. Sounds like ABF is a major scam and I will obviously pass on this company. Thank You all for your honest statements.
It was a scam and I don't know if they are still around.
Anyone have any updates on ABF? I am giving them another month and then I'm canceling the monthly settleware. I wish these companies would be up front with agents.
I just got this email.....

Thank you for your continued interest and support of America Buys Foreclosures! We are under full launch! In anticipation of assigning listings to agents, we have a few announcements for everyone! Please be sure to read all information in this Newsletter.

New Support Department

In anticipation of assigning listings, ABF has hired a fully staffed team in the Support Department to assist agents. Therefore, there is no longer a need for individual State Administrators. We believe this will streamline the agent support issues and questions.

ABF Support Department hours:

6:00 a.m. (PST) - 9:00 p.m. (PST)

SETTLEWARE® Certified?

In review of our database, we have noticed that not all ABF trained agents are certified with SETTLEWARE.


Not Signed Up Yet?
Now is the time to sign up with Settleware if you have not already done so!
*Log into your account
*Click on "Access E-Signing Resources"
*Go to Complete E-Signing Contract/Credit Card Authorization and click on link - "Sign Contract"

If you still need to take Settleware training, please email and request a training schedule.

If you have completed your 25 "test" documents, but have not taken the final test, or have not received your Settleware Certificate, please email
Toll Free: 888-470-4770
Jesse- I got the same email today.
You nailed it. Their business plan is not REO, it is in the monthly fees they are collecting. They most likely profit more money now (with little overhead) than they would if they were a full blown asset management company. The problem is so many non-REO agents want REO so badly that they are willing to deal with the threats and poor treatment in fear that if and when the business comes in they will be left behind. So they continue to pay up on a monthly basis. These types of companies simply operate on the agents fear of being left out. Keep in mind that most of the large REO companies out there treat their agent database very, very well and are very respectful when dealing with their agents. I work with several large REO companies and they are VERY professional, VERY respectful of the services I provide and would never act this way.

Save your money. That's my $.02.

I've read your blogs... you have not been kind or professional to people...

Until you step up and apologize to the people you humiliated and belittled...some whom you wrongfully cancelled their account... it's doubtful your reputation will ever be restored for the personal hardship you took part in (and seemingly enjoyed!).

Best of luck trying though,
Ya know Megan,

No one here would say your "evil"... gosh no.. but I've printed every blog you've written on every website and have documented your conversations with me. You did seem to enjoy belittling and humiliating people.

Highly doubtful that anyone here has ever consistently handled things appropriately...we're human. Decent human beings are though accountable.

I really do wish you well - and the best of everything life has to offer.

LaDawn Menkemeller
I know that sweetie - I truly do.

Compassion is thrown out the window when there's a rotweiler on your throat - you know what I'm saying??

Anyhow... we all fall short... and we all wish we had a "rewind" button (...if I did... that button would *certainly* be w-o-r-n out...)

I do appreciate your note - worth saying again: I really do wish ya well and the best everything life has to offer.

Hang in there -- everything works out... one way or another...
I have also signed up with them since last year and paid the member ship fee and also took the course. I also paid montly fee to a third company to use e signature for few months which was required by ABF. But i never got a call from them.


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