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Has anyone heard of the company American Destiny. Has anyone worked or got assignment from the above company?

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They called me today, told me there was no sign up fee but a 25% referral fee. Chatter says that it's a fast track to reo listings through single source which I was already working on. Oh well...
They are not accepting agents in some territories, so if you can still get in, I suggest you do it. They don't charge an upfront fee and state that they only make their 25% referral fee when you close escrow. An agent I know had never completed a BPO for Singlesource, signed up and got a listing. I've completed hundreds of BPOs for Singlesource and have never received a listing from them.

They said they may open it up for more agents if their client base increases or REO activity is higher than their current agent pool can handle.
I checked the web and could not find the American Destiny site. Does someone have their website? Thanks.
Though I do no have any thing to respond to this, but my question is why we do not see any current responses, as we are in July 2011?

Mukesh Bhaskar if you search the site for the below post there has been a more recent post that has had a great deal of feedback on the company. If you post a comment on an old blog that will bring it back on the blog list on this site as it has been recently updated when you add a comment.

SingleSource Property Solutions

Thank you Brandon.

I was just contacted by this company. They find my information on (unpaid) and offered me a listing on a condemned house that has a reported $30K foundation problem. They almost begged me to take the listing. I'll check out the house and company. No utility or upfront costs required from me.

Run as far away from this company if you can. 

I have worked for this company for over 10 years. Great company to work for. 



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