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any body else tired of getting requests to do assignments for $35?

I am amazed that companies out there are offering $35 for an assignment. If you break this down-it's less than minimum wage. I think if we all don't take these assignment until they offer $50- they will have to give in.

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My policy with those companies is to put their emails right in the trash.  Usually if they are desperate they will either call or send a non-standard form email asking for a fee and turnaround time.  The better companies have a feature that allows you to reject the order and then state your fee.  I agree with you, reject the low ball fees and get paid what you are worth.  My fees start at $60 for a drive-by and go up from there based upon distance, the forms in question, and whether they are drive-by or interior. 

ORT sends them out at $30. Somebody must do them. Not me...

Yes, I've even told a few of these low price companies to just drop me from their database because i won't do them for the fees they are offering but they still send the orders. I just add them to the junk mail list so they go stright to the trash folder.

I quit doing them for $40.00, that isn't worth it to me.

It's insulting. Anything less than $50 gets the delete button. I can't believe anyone works that cheap.

I have a policy I reject all low prices then when they cannot get anybody to them my prices start at $100 to $200 depending on distance and tat.  If they paid correctly to start out then we would not be talking $200.

You're definitely "preaching to the choir" on this, Neal.

I delete those with impunity! 

I have taken the time to become licensed and that's all I'm worth? Or they want to offer

$65 for a 100 mile drive AND BPO?

Forget it, I'll stay home.

And if everyone just finally made up their mind that their education, experience, licensing, insurance,

and vehicle expense was worth at least $50 a pop, AND we don't deal with no or slow pays, yes, they would 

have to give in or stop offering the service.

Ditto, Steve!!!!

I get these daily, they just sit unanswered.

Yes, but as in any business there are always the "bottom feeders" who will work for peanuts __ they know what their service is worth, I guess---I will not do a drive by within a 5 mile radius for less that 55.00 and the further out the fee goes up to 150.00 depending on the distance.  It everyone refused to do these 35.00 ones they might get the message.....

I'm with you, Patti!

If I'm going to do one out of town, I charge by the driving hour, not mileage, $50 per hour plus the BPO.

If a company has several in a given out of town area I will combine drive time to give them a break; this 

will usually result in a good deal for us both.

i agree-

working for 35 bucks, after expenses ,is basically minimum wage


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