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I was contacted by BankerREO they ask me if I want to sign in with them for a one time fee of $349.00. and in return I would be getting BPO's and a possibility of those turning into a listing. Did any body worked with them before? Should I pay the $349.00 hoping to get listings?  

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Yep and I strongly suggest you don't give them a dime! look up there info about there company and you will fint  that it was created on June 14, 2011, and they are based out of Illinois the same state as the infamous Absolute REO! (not good!)  So I would run far away.....

After reading all of the comments, let us know what you decide to do.

stay away!!!
Run !

The latest scam roll out  to take agent's money and give them nothing.

They called me last week saying they had 3 properties they wanted me to list in my area and paid $75.00 for the drive by BPOs - HELLO!!  A) no one pays $75.00 for a drive by BPO unless it is far away or really a night mare, B) No one asks for a drive by BPO on an REO and C) no one pays for a BPO if they are giving you the REO (The property to market) 

Check  through the forums here for the legit and scam companies so you know to say 'no' when they call.

they are a scame it is clear

BankerREO is trying to get my business but I checked them out on REOpro first and I'm glad I did. I told them I had heard bad things about them and the person got defensive but interestingly never denied any of the things I said about their company, like only one BPO and then no listings. One question I have has anyone gotten what they say they will deliver, anyone? Care to step up?  Tell us they gave you some listings?  I'd love to know. 


I recommend you review The Realtor  forums on REOPRO and do some research.  I just received an email from BankerREO inviting me to join. 





Bad news need I say more

so I just called the number for AbsREO, I did pay the few hundred bucks several months back. I had a really good month and they had 2 BPOs (which i was quickly paid for) I figured, why not...get access, see what they are doing.  Well, I emailed the other day and got a response...sorry, we are working on getting more assets...blah blah blah, lies, blah, more lies.  So I tried to call the number on the email.  It sounds like a small child, but could be a woman with an accent.  It sounds like a HOME answering machine.  Everyone should call and listen to it. 



Run, run, run, bad news that's all I say.


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