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I was contacted by BankerREO they ask me if I want to sign in with them for a one time fee of $349.00. and in return I would be getting BPO's and a possibility of those turning into a listing. Did any body worked with them before? Should I pay the $349.00 hoping to get listings?  

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I signed up for the $349.00 back in Early June after a freebe bpo in May..  thinking like of of us that I will get some bpo work and hope for 6-8 listings a year.  havent heard from them since; now 7 months later I feel robbed; by the way; did some detective work on my only bpo with them and that property wasnt even in preforeclosure or short sale..  enough said;;  dont spend the money

Yes but the bank was able to get my money back because they were aware of them.

I was contacted this morning. I am curious... as to why I cannot find any negative postings or comments for all of 2012. Has this company made an about face? Is there anyone whom has had a positive experience with Bankerreo?

Thank you for your responses.

Oh yes....there is some info. out there on them. Plenty of agents sending them money with nothing in return. They promise 75.00 BPO's etc.... Save you money....


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