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Any feed back on this asset management company previously Land America?(if I am correct).

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I get many order from them but I have to be the first to accept. I try and accept when it's good for me as I have a ton of other bpo work that I do. They do pay within 30 days or so to.
Forms are easy,,but they been hard to get paid from the last several months, I did get paid but it took about 3 months or so..
Just signed up with them and it's a first come first serve for work. I'll do 5-10 BPO's and then start asking about REO work.
Has anyone gotten an REO assignment with them?
They're not accepting agent into their REO network but there is also nobody who has ever came out that they've received assets from them.

This indicates to me that they have no assets. At least they're not loading their network with agents for a membership fee when they have no assets to give.
I have been doing BPOs for UTLS since 7/14/2010. I have completed 24 to date and have yet to be paid. I have had several communications via phone and emails. According to them they do NOT have REOs yet but are working on it and expect to get them soon. As for the payments they owe me, Bryan Stoddard said they have been getting swamped and are way behind .I like their system but I have stopped doing any work for them until I get paid my $1100 they owe me.
Thanks for the feedback...looks like we might have another Evaluation Solutions.
Thanks for the feedback on UTLS. I'm still waiting on payment for order I completed on 9/4/2010. No sign of payment.
Thank you for all your feed back. You guys are great
I have been doing work for this company for many years. They were previously Land America Default Services. I started receiving bankruptcy papers from Land America last years but fortuneately they did not owe me any money at the time. Then, they turned up as UTLS Default. I have done some work for them and received payment from them up until November of 2009 and then nothing. They owe for a couple of orders from December of 2009 which I just realized recently, one order from August 2010, one from October 2010. I have sent a couple of emails to and I left a message for Bryan Stoddard yesterday but have not heard back from anyone.

 I have done 33 BPOs for UTLS year to date. I can say that it was tough to get them to pay me but I was finally paid for anything over 60 days due and I had stopped accepting assignments for most of November

The person I spoke to was Adam Jones (469)713-1076 He was extremly helpful and has renewed my faith in UTLS.

I hope this helps!

At this time they do not have any assets to assign(according to them they are working on getting them) they are strictly a BPO mill. Their volume has increased considerably and maybe that will be a sign that assets will follow.


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