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Any feed back on this asset management company previously Land America?(if I am correct).

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They owe me for about 80 BPO's dating back to 10/15/2010.
I too have not been paid by UTLS.  Got a response from Vender Payments stating that they had a glitch in the system in my files and I will have to manually do the accounting on my orders.  A check would be sent out to me the following week.  NO CHECK! We need to do something!

I have been working with UTLS since September 2010 and have received 2 checks for a few random orders. Currently, they owe us over $1,000.00 for orders completed going back to October 2010. I have made several calls, sent several emails, and have received a lot of empty promises. I've received responses from "we apologize you weren't set up in the system properly" to "we have cut a manual check that you should receive in a week".  Needless to say, we are still awaiting compensation.

All professionals who provide information to agents on BPO's and seasoned agents alike should PROCEED WITH CAUTION with companies like UTLS and Evaluation Soluions. Do your due diligence and search for peer feedback. It's unfortunate that companies with a lack of integrity and thievery practices are able to do business in this day and age, but such is life... All I can do is keep it movin & trust Joel 2:25.

God Bless!

I am so frustrated with this company.  We have stopped accepting orders from them at this point. They don't answer phone calls or emails.  If anyone has better contact information, please share that with us.  I've tried the individual agents including Adam Jones, no help there.  I've also called the vendor payment number of 949-930-8263 and sent several emails to  Nothing!

Hi Tracey,


I have emailed this young lady Marie Jilk at and finally got a response from Jimmy Nguyen.  He responded, but still the same information "your check is in the mail."  Also Adam Jones said he passed it on to Jimmy Nguyen (vendor payment department) that's the only way I would get paid was by contacting him.  Still no luck.  They have lied so bad that they stated that they sent the check and will email me the check number later.


We need a plan to get our money from BPO Companies that don't pay. Or at least shut them down.  They will be at the MBA Servicing Conference Feb. 22 in Texas Booth 745

do you have contact info for jimmy nguyen? I too have not been paid

When Land America went away I was left holding the bag on a couple of dozen BPOs.  My fault.  I should have never let that many stack up without getting a check.  Only concern would be if you're actually dealing with the same people that were Land America.  Go with caution.


I finally got paid by UTLS Default Services.
I have contacted UTLS several times regarding the fees they owe me for BPO's completed in October 2010. At first I heard from Scott Barkey with canned responses about glitches in accounting, etc. He has told me more than once that my check will be mailed "next Friday". Now he doesn't answer at all. I'm contacting the Better Business Bureau of California regarding the shady way they do business.
Found out that they are actually headquartered in Norcross, GA. I filed a complaint with the BBB of Atlanta & NE Georgia. I'll let you know if that helps them decide to pay my fees for services rendered.
Why would anyone continue working for them if they don't pay?  And better yet, why isn't anyone suing them or at least taking them to small claims court?

Still no payment for us (owed for about 92 orders) since October 15, 2010.  We filed a complaint with CA BBB.  BBB wrote to me and said they don't handle complaints business to business, so that was a dead end.  I googled UTLS and got the names of all their top executives. Their emails are or  I heard back from one person that said she'd "escalate' the issue.  I've heard this before from others.  Still no checks!!!


If anyone has any luck or contact info, I'd really appreciate it.  We haven't accepted any orders since mid December and never will again.  There is enough BPO work out there, don't need this nonsense.


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