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Any feed back on this asset management company previously Land America?(if I am correct).

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Just to add to the discussion.  These guys don't seem to have major business in my Virginia market.  At least not the same amount they had when Land America was around.  Always willing to give someone a second chance and benefit of the doubt I accepted one BPO from UTLS in September of 2010.  Check came in yesterday.  Guess I'm good to accept one more now.  Land America got me for a couple of dozen.  Won't let that happen again.  As my Daddy always said...."you can't beat education."
I've done several.  They pay slow but have always paid me. Sometimes it take 3-4 months though. UTLS used to be Land Am, Land Am filed bankruptcy.
Just this past week I received payment for BPO's done in Oct and Dec 2010. I had contacted them several times because their orders state payment will be received in a shorter time. They tell you the check is in the mail which is worse, in my opinion, than saying that they will pay in 120 days.
Wow lucky you. Thank you for sharing.

just got payments for order completed in November 2010,

thatso ver 120 days

get request for new order which I do not accept.

They will have you do a lot of BPO's before you get an REO.  At least that was our experience.  Art

Art, it sounds like you have received an REO from UTLS. Is that true? I have done 47 BPOs for them but no REOs. How many did you have to do to get an REO?

Thanks Dave

I stand corrected. We have not had any REO's from this company. 

UTLS is a good source for BPO's. If you ask for a higher pay they will offer it for quick trun arounds. But they have been slow on paying. But they do pay.

Kelly Klei Broker

I was doing BPOs for LandAmerica and was transfered to UTLS Default Services. I wasn't paying attention that I hadn't been paid last year but I got paid in February for all the ones I did last quarter of 2010. I figured they must pay quarterly. Only BPOs. BPOs are first come first serve basis and they are all over my area so you can't just grab everything that comes in or you'd be all over the place. Pays pretty decent per assignment but the form is a little more involved than some other companies. Never have gotten an REO.



I had done about 30-40 BPO's for them when it was Land America and they paid on time(about in 30 days) but never got a REO from them, I have not done anything for them since they got bought out by UTLS and in my area everything has slowed down a bit,both REO's and BPO's.

 Did several BPO's for them. Forms are easy. Received payments within 45 days.


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