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Any feed back on this asset management company previously Land America?(if I am correct).

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Aloha, I've used that email, it gets ignored. Or they reply and say they will look into it but nothing happens.

Here's a tip. Take their order. Then in the 11 hour, tell them that due to unpaid invoices you cannot complete it until paid. It has worked with some AMC's for me.

Or simply contact the lender that the appraisal was for. If you can. Tell them you were not paid. Sometimes the lender has paid the AMC already. And now, according to Frank Dudd and recent court cases, you can make the lender responsible since the lender is the REAL client and responsible for payment. The AMC is ONLY an agent, a middle man.

You want to hear something funny? I just received a 1099 MISC for from UTLS stating that they paid me almost $1,000 for BPO's that I did for them and the funny thing is, that I never got paid for the BPO's that I did for them. So, I had to have my tax lady go in and print a special form to fill out for the IRS so I didn't get taxed for it. Obviously they want to get credit for paying me through the IRS and plan to try and do it by lying. I believe this is against the law. This company makes me so angry. I am going to work on doing everything I can to take them down. 

They do not pay!!!!  They owe us over $1500.  We have filed complaints with the California AG and are still waitng to hear if they will do anything.

Has anyone else gotten a 1099 misc tax form saying that they paid you for BPO's that they never actually paid you for? I got one and now I am fighting with the IRS and UTLS. There is a special form on the IRS website that you can fill out if this happens. Then, hopefully the IRS will investigate and find out what a fraudulent company UTLS is. I am so upset with them that every time I hear their name I get enraged. Companies like this one need to be stopped. This is wrong what they are doing and illegal!

I am waiting for payment on BPO's that I completed TWELVE MONTHS ago. I call and call and am always told that payment will go out in two weeks. Now no one answers the phones, calls or emails me back. I am not accepting anymore BPO's from them. I another company went belly up last year and failed to pay over 3.5 million dollars to agents that had completed BPO's for them. I was one of those agents, they also started acting in this same manner prior. I have written them off and am more careful about WHO I take BPO's from now. They wouldn't work for free but everyone sure expects RE agents too.

EvalSolutions is also a company that you have to beg & pled to get paid for. I have now told them that I won't do anymore for them until they pay me again. This worked last time as they owed me over $1100 as I work in hard to place BPO areas...


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