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I LOVE IAS!!! They're one of my preferred clients. Things may have just slowed down in your area. If I were you, I'd contact the Asset Coordinator to see what's going on.


Good luck!

I have worked with IAS for over 5 years and they are still busy on the bpo side but it been slow with listings lately.
I received a survey from them yesterday, They are a good company, I had 3 listings with them last year, but they didn't sell fast enough and they were re-assigned, they are still active and with their 3rd agent, the houses are just really bad. I like doing bpo's for them too.
Are you currently receiving BPO's? What area are you in?
IAS is great to work with--I doubt your one BPO issue dinged you that hard.  Is your profile up to date with insurance, recent training etc?  There were some webinars recently in my account.
I started up with the about 2 months ago. So far they're great. Easy format but I've already had 1 QC on some minor issues, but I'm glad I was able to provide my reasoning and they accepted my response. A total of 5 BPO's so far and I just was assigned another today.

Email me if you get any real issues--I'll forward it up.  QC is going to happen but we are doing evaluations that could result in a huge hit $$$ wise to investors, so it is understandable.



We've been with them for a few years and have done both BPO and REO for them. It seems that we get one REO for every forty or so BPO we do.

They're great to work with on the REO side! Their portal has a very clear step-by-step guide for you to follow along with to ensure you get everything done correctly.

I have worked with 5 years and find them to be a great crew to work with on both the BPO and REO sides. They have the most sophisticated BPO's. Talk with Vendor Management if you have issues. They are very approachable.


They are on fire now.  I just got 3 listings from IAS in the past week!
Thank you!

IAS totally takes advantage of its agents. (my opinion)  I had a problem with them on a completed BPO.  They decided they wanted me to redo the entire BPO and use an old appraisal with 300 sq feet less that was completed 5+ years ago.  I told them public records and current MLS reflect current higher sq footage.   I refused to redo because the customer could have added the additional sq feet in the past 5 years and told them their request was not only unreasonable, but is no longer a BPO (it is their opinion). Since I am putting my name on it, it is based on my current research.  Not to mention there was nothing in their instructions telling me to "ignore" all current data.   I spend 3-4 hours on each BPO and felt it was not right to have me "suck it up" and redo without compensation.  I would need to repull all comps and reenter all data.   After 40+ BPO's over the past year and no listings......they can "pound sand"!

The coordinator told me the only agent getting BPO's do about 60 BPO's per month to get an occasional listing!  Are you kidding me?  I don't like doing business with companies that think this is OK, especially as hard as most agents work.

I told IAS that when I do a BPO, I actually make less than minimum wage, not to mention the gas and wear & tear on my car.  I only do this for the oppoprtunity to get listings.  Not to be screwed by them.

Not a good company in my opinion when it favors only the BPO company and the agents are left begging for more.

I have talked called vendor management, they won't take calls. In the past I loved working for them, now not so much. I am one Broker who will not work for someone that pays slow. I work to hard and having to wait 120 days for a $50 BPO is not right. They expect us to have power on, respond to repair needs, weekly inspections etc. They should pay us in 30 to 45 days. is this to much to ask? No they won't even answer a phone call!


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