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I am having a terrible time getting closed on some Chase properties. Attorneys say the FC deeds have not been filed and they got an e-mail that these FC filings are on hold. Anyone having the same problems? Any info? In Georgia which is non judicial. Just hate it when cash won't work.

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We've had some of the same problems with our HUD assignments. Some are taking 6 months to close.
I think it has something to do with the assignments and making sure they are all filed appropriately before the FC. Hard to tell w/no feedback though. We can keep these deals with some definition.

I looks like some of the foreclosure fraud is being caught on the resale, delaying the closing. I wonder if they find some that cannot be corrected, what then?

One agent (who shall remain nameless here) did a successful CFK, property preservation, rekey, listing, & was accepting offers before the (also nameless) bank found out the attorneys 'forgot' to foreclose. Talk about a mess......


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