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Anybody seen any activity, BPO or REO, from USRES in past 6 months?

Haven't heard a peep from USRES since December 2010.  Any one else out there seeing any activity?


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A few BPO's in California
Thanks, got it.
I just got a listing last week from USRES. It's my first one, and I wasn't in their system. I think I only got it because I'm an approved BAC agent.
Hi Steve, what state are you in?
I get daily BPO's from them and every once in a while listings. They're a good company but I'd like to see money back on the BPO's. Very friendly valuation dept and AM's.
Thanks for the news Brent.   What state are you in?



Just closed an REO and got a new BPO this morning.  They have never been a major force in our market.
I receive quite a few BPO orders per month. No REO as of yet.
I've gotten a couple of BPO's but no REO's so far this year .


I'm in Dallas, TX and I haven't received a BPO or an REO listing since October 2010.  I used to get 5 to 10 BPOs a week and 1 to 2 listings per month.  I thought it was just me.  I do know the asset manager for my area is no longer there and I haven't been able to reach the new AM, even though I've sent several emails and left several messages.  I think you should post this question on the Linkedin REO forums as well and see what you find out.  Please update me if you find out more.



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