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Anyone else having trouble with It keeps freezing and then looses data and I have to start all over. Is it just me or is it happening to you?



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They sent an advance notice that they were going to do updates yesterday that could cause service outages.

Thanks Cece.

Must be you. I am having no problems

Yes I believe they have been updating the site. Did a complete BPO and whoosh it was gone

Ok, so not just us. Thanks Jenny.

The biggest problem I am having with resnet is that the task notification emails arrive day or 2 later than the date on the email. My email provider is not holding them up. This has been going on 2 or 3 months. I almost missed a listing/occupancy assignment. Makes you wonder what we are paying for.

Yep! We have that problem on occasion too. It's not a regular thing but does happen. Thanks for letting me know.

I was told to empty my cache and that would take care of the problem.  (It did).


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