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Anyone Getting Listings in 2016 As A Result of Signing Up as a Premium Agent on Equator?

Just received an email this morning from Equator:

"We recently added exclusivity to Premium Placement ZIP's. This update allows only a limited number of agents to compete in each ZIP code because we want to ensure that Premium Agents receive the maximum number of REO listing assignments."

Anyone gotten any REO listings from being a Premium Agent? From what I read in the forms, agents haven't been getting too many assignments from banks using Equator.

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Randall why don't you let us all know more about the nine listings as you can tell by the response from the people who answered find that kind of incredible in the current market

it was without a doubt all the US Bank properties we lost, since Chronos uses Equator.

I am wondering if any of those listings were US BANK properties that were just pulled from other agents with listings from Old Republic, etc. and assigned to Chronos.

Equator is a waste of money...  Similar to most everyone else...  If I had to use Equator it is because a client was on their platform... 


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