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I recently joined this BPO/REO company. I have gotten bombarded with BPO's that they want done for no payment but promise listings. They come back after I send a BPO and challenge a prior BPO. I get the feeling I am just providing a 2nd opinion?

If anyone can share their experience I would greatly appreciate it!

Leslie Hansen, Broker
Moving Jacksonville Real Estate

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I quit doing BPO's for them after my 20th one for free. I requested a listing before I do anymore. They told me I would get the next listing in my area. Since then, I haven't heard a thing from them. In my opinion, I would stay clear and don't waste your time.
Thanks for your reply, we have done 9 so far and are about ready to call it quits.
We've done about 10 BPOs for US RES and were beginning to wonder whether we were going to get any assignments from them. Lo and behold we recently received our first REO Listing. We kept in contact with USRES, gently reminding them that we were interested in receiving REO Assignments in addition to the BPO work. We also talked to someone at Aurora Loan Servicing who went on to Res.Net and confirmed that we have done enough BPOs for US RES. So, call it coincidental with the call to Aurora, but we do have the first of, hopefully many, REO Assignments via US RES.

So far, the REO side has been good to work with. People on the BPO side have been very helpful as well! Don't lose the faith, make some calls and follow-up emails.

Good luck!
HI Val

Can you let me know what is the best way of staying in contact with the asset managers and who do you usually contact...
Hi Janine, when we initially sign up with a company we will try to get a contact to communicate with (drip on them), then after a few contacts we'll ask for the person or department responsible for assignments. IF we get that information, then we'll start communicating with them. Seems like email is best. Phone ... usually get voicemail. Main thing is being positive, up-beat and don't beat them up for listings. Offer your services, remind them that you can handle RUSH orders, 2nd Opinion BPOs or can do same-day Occ Status checks (providing you can). Good luck...hope things work well for you...Val
Thanks so much for your reply, you gave me new faith. I really didn't want to call it quits this soon but in the same sense I didn't want to jepardise relationships with other companies we have been working with if this venture was not worth while. I am so glad I joined REOPRO.
I usually do between 10 to 20 BPO's for them and I have receive one listing every month, their listings are usually good, and now I also do paid BPO's for them too, and they are good paying those.
Thanks for your input, since we have only done 9 BPO's for USRES, I will hold out. Everyone at REOPRO has been so helpful, I love it!
Hi Leslie

I did one BPO for them and got a listing. I heard they can take anywhere from 10 to 15 listings before giving you one.
Hi Janine,

Thanks for your input, that is incouraging! All of our BPO's have been very challenging. From older homes in unique neighborhoods to waterfront where sales are almost non-existant. I think we have hung in and provided all the right I will remain optimistic!
Hi Leslie,

I had also thought the same thing. I had done about 6 free BPO's for USRES and all of a sudden got 7 new ones. I googled "USRES and free bpo's" and ended up in this forum, (where I am an admin!), and found that that they do give listings and the magic # was 15 free BPO's. Long story, short, I received a listing after 6 BPO's and have had 3 more since! Hang in there and be nice to the BPO assigners, they have a lot more say than one might think!
Thanks Jen, I have been optimistic and treating the mitigators "very" well. I am over 15 now with no listings yet. I was told by one lf them that I was up in line for the next listing that came to my area. I have also reviewed all the completed BPO's and none of them have been listed. I guess it may have a lot for the timing of what becomes available.


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