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I recently joined this BPO/REO company. I have gotten bombarded with BPO's that they want done for no payment but promise listings. They come back after I send a BPO and challenge a prior BPO. I get the feeling I am just providing a 2nd opinion?

If anyone can share their experience I would greatly appreciate it!

Leslie Hansen, Broker
Moving Jacksonville Real Estate

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I Stephanie, thanks for your reply. I have been pooring on the charm and reminding them of how excited I am about receiving REO listings. None of the BPO's I have done have listed yet, so I guess it isn't that they are going to someone else, just timing. I will continue to encourage them to give me great marks!
"little gold star"?  Is there actually something in their software like that or do you simply mean put in some good words?
Ive done many bpo's ( aprox 60).... have received 2 reo's... and expect quite a bit more next quarter,,,,,,,
They have a good reputation and as well... you'll be exposed to many additional lenders through their platform. Lenders that you cant get into , except through resnet.
I keep my bpo range close to home, therefore they are easy to complete and their format is very simple!!
I would suggest you, give them 3 months and see...??
Thanks Rose, I have picked all the zips that I enjoy working in, and believe it is good to keep my opportunities open. Thanks for your comments.


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