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Their website says they help you add your BPO's into any BPO website company that you work with in half the time. There is a set up fee of $299 and then a monthly $150 fee. You tell them what companies you work for and they set them up in their system so all you do if put the property info, select the MLS properties and then it plugs in all the data.

It sounds expensive but if it truly cuts your input time in half... it may be worth it. I do about 100 BPO's a month and it could help me to do more.

Anyone heard of them or worked with them?

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Don't waste your money, I signed with them back in Sept, I met them at Five Star, they don't have the templates for all the bpo companies, they only have a few, I tried them and actually it took me longer to correct the input mistakes.
Also their support and costumer service is horrible, They talk a good game, but they don't deliver.
I have to agree with Jose and ask, did you listen to my radio show last Sunday? If you are going to spend the money for BPO Automation, I suggest you use The BPO Automation Group. I don't get anything for telling you my opinion but, I think The BPO Automation Group is the industry leader. Check them out at
I will stay clear from BPO Buddy then. After the holiday I will take a look at BPO Automation and see what they have to offer. Thank you and Happy Thanks Giving.
I wanted to try BPOAutomation, but they also never return my call and or emails, and I am affraid to pay for bad service, I've had that exeperience before with other companies in the past, and in this economy we got the strech every coin.
I guess doing it the "old" fashion way is the best. I do not want to jeopardize my BPO work since this is a large part of my income. Thank you Jose!
Hi Jamie. I noticed this discussion today. I am part owner of BPO Buddy and I would like to make you a special offer for trying our service. We had issue late last year, but have fixed many of the problems. I think Jose Rivas would contest to that too. He is now a current customer. Send me an email at and I discuss further.


CB Phillips
This comany is not new! New to you?You should have read other threads before you post your comments!
Hi Sylvia. I'm not sure if you responding to me or Jamie, but BPO Buddy was launched a year ago at the LPS convention in Denver. From that point, we grow the company and expanded our capabilities. We feel that we have an AWESOME product today. (

I signed up with BPO Automation Group and I am loving it! Yes, it is an expensive, but really worth it! Irina

Hi I am Vinoth.I have BPO team under my control and they had sound knowledge in Appraisal.They have working experience with all of the national vendors (Emort,Imort,Wordpress,PCV,Altisource,IAS,Old Republic,Service,Goodman,Farvv,etc.,) US customers from last 2 years for their appraisal forms BPO,Web Research and data entry requirements.

Our teams have sound knowledge for major appraisal processes. Our goal is to save appraisers time and money as much as possible.So that they can grow their business without investing additional cost on infrastructure. We are known in the market for quick response, fast turnaround and high level of accuracy.

I have found that auto-populating data from the MLS using these systems can end up in wasting time instead of saving time, other than the addresses of the comparables you have to input and correct most of the information, not to mention that our MLS is filled with so many errors, garage attached when there isn't one, attached when the property is detached, etc, I have to manually correct almost every comp when I print them. I guess my assistant will not be without a job anytime soon.

It probably saves me 20 mins per BPO with many fields erroneous auto-filled. Mine is imported as CSV file and I do have more comp selections esp in neighborhood I do not know the distance in my head. That is the plus side. I have to measure distance for each candidate which takes more time.

The issues NOW are half bath became 3.51, 3.6.1 etc caught by QA.  That takes more time to correct. If there are a lot of work come in say 5 orders a day.

The tool does help. But one does just a few a month for the steep subscription fee, I might as well go back the old way which is no tool.



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