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Their website says they help you add your BPO's into any BPO website company that you work with in half the time. There is a set up fee of $299 and then a monthly $150 fee. You tell them what companies you work for and they set them up in their system so all you do if put the property info, select the MLS properties and then it plugs in all the data.

It sounds expensive but if it truly cuts your input time in half... it may be worth it. I do about 100 BPO's a month and it could help me to do more.

Anyone heard of them or worked with them?

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Sam - if the BPO form itself does not do the mapping and distance, I just open up Streets and Trips to get the mileage and do rough adjustments for not being in a straight line. 

That is true. That is another step to eliminate comps.  That is another 10 mins to run all 15-20 comps and optimize them. 

Thanks very much for the support Irina and Jesse, we appreciate that very much!


Nicole Ocean


BPO Automation Group

Sam - what company requires 15-20 comps??

You misunderstood me. Because of distance constraint etc often I have 15-20 comps to start. Reduce them to 3 or 4 is time consuming.

we need this...

Seriously?....BPO Buddy?..........Just that name sends weird trembles up my spine.........I started doing BPO's in 2001 for Freddie Mac and at my high point I was doing 75-100 a week.....At this point I am doing 15 per week but I am demanding $75-$150 PER EXTERIOR  ORDER to do them,.....Reason being? Most agents who got into BPO's to help them make some "extra money" until the market turns around have woken up to the fact that the market is not turning around tomorrow, their car is falling apart, the price of gas they have never factored in to cost and they are basically being used by these companies and the pay they get continues to get hammered down by these cheap, underpaying, pay you after 3-4 months and 7 phone calls by you BPO "mills".....When I get a BPO request for $40 from ANY company the first thing I do is tell them I will do the order for whatever I feel will pay my costs, fix my car, make me GREAT money and not batter me with QC requests. If they don't like it, they find some other chump that will do it for them but in the last year I am finding these companies have very few agent options. With the pay I have been getting I turn these around in 24 hours. In the end these companies realize if I turn it in quick what they are paying me will get them more work, if they do not....Then I am content working on finding more good, profitable business!.

A good  company but cheaper to pay a data entry person/


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