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Receiving BPO request from this company? Any previous dealings with this company?

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I've done a handful of orders for them. Average form, no issues getting paid.

 Good am Mark,  Thank you.  Still waiting for compensation for initial orders.  Still receiving orders. 

Yes its a unit of Old Republic

Thank you for responding.  Good info. 

They actually have no relations to Old Republic. 

low pay, a lot of work ..... Will pay but seems to take some time..

Thanks Sam

cheap but will negotitate in rural areas. Legitimate company &  pay fine. 

Thanks Chris. 

They pay. I get lots of order requests from them but since they usually start at $35 for an exteior I pretty much ignore them. I've done a few where they couldn't get anyone and called me and I got them up to $65.

Thank you Patrick

I have worked with them.  They do pay and are easy to work with. 


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