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Anyone heard of them? They just sent a "how great we are" email for BPO's...that always scares me, so I came to the best place I know for advice : )))

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Never heard of them. What did you find when you googled them?

I forgot about google, I always Reo Pro : ))) But I will.


Generally if you can't find the company by searching this site, there is nothing bad known.  Providing some search info helps all of us.  Thanks!

That should give them some credibility.  If they don't pay, LSI would certainly take some heat.  It is usually those companies with their own platforms like Evalsolutions and BrokerPriceOpinion that have the problems.  Then you don't have any other party to complain to.  I don't think you see companies that use platforms such as Resnet, Disposolutions, Equator, or InspectionPort not paying.

Thanks for the update Justine.

No the BPO's were not coming from solution star directly. They were for solution star. I emailed solution star to see if the assign listings and they said they do not.

BPO companies do not have anything to do with REO. What is the name of the company ordering the BPOs?

I know that. Pro Teck is the valuation vendor.

I signed up, no fee's, no work either, 60 days later


I believe they are part of Nationstar........ I'll complete 1-2... lets see what happens....

I have heard of solution star but have never done business with them


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