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Anyone heard of them? They just sent a "how great we are" email for BPO's...that always scares me, so I came to the best place I know for advice : )))

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I just closed with nationstar  property and they were very easy to deal with.

We have been doing BPOs for Solution Star. They are the BPO dept. for Nationstar Mortgage. They started recently since Nationstar used another company. We have found them very easy to work with and so far are paying on a regular basis. They ask us how many we want for a specific time.

what are there fees. I had thought they paid $40.00 for exteriors.

Isn't this the same as Valuation Solution? They want to pay $35.00 for rural orders, however, I completed one on 03/05/2014 and today is 4/29/2014, when I contacted them they said give them 3 more weeks, heard this story before.

not the same

I have been signed up with them for three months now, and I have received at least 30 orders per month, with a 5 day turn around time. The form is really easy to complete, takes about 20 to 30 minutes. Pay ranges from $40-60. I have received payments within 2 weeks of QC approval.

Does anyone know the email address to forward your package to?

I list for them. Owned by Nationstar, all properties are now Solutionstar. All of their REO listings (well, at least all mine) now go immediately to auction through their new (which I think they own). Buyers must pre-qualify through their Greenlight Loans (owned by Nationstar). There is no communication between  the auction company and the agent and they require it to go in the MLS long before they place it for auction, but they will not look at  offers until it is actively at auction.

Kathy, have your assignments come through Solutionstar?  I have spoken a manager there who said at this time they are not assigning REO;s?  I have also spoken to another manager in southern california who tells me I am in the network so far I am waiting to see if they will assign an asset.


They are coming through their parent company, Nationstar, who I have been with for years. Try signing up with Nationstar. I am in Georgia. 1.75% to listing broker and 1% to selling broker. Auction company collects a 5% premium over and above the bid price from the buyer. Similar to

Kathy - just now came across the thread.  Do you have any pushback from your local agent community about the 1% selling agent compensation?  There has been a lot in our market, and I have heard many, many agents who won't show the 1% properties.   It seems downright greedy to offer such low buy/sell side comp, and then charge 5% buyers premium.

But, it's their sandbox, so they make the rules. 

Hello, can anyone advise where to signup to do Solution Star BPO's ? thanks in advance. 


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