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I was curious to see if anyone here in the group had experience with Asset Management Servicing, LLC, which operates I received an email from them today to register for BPO & REO assignments, which includes a $200 fee. Their website is pretty basic and vague, so I couldn't see a way to search current properties listed or even if they operate in my part of the country.

Any input that you could provide would be appreciated!

AJ Heidmann, ABR, CRS, e-PRO
Cell 703-474-1260 ~ Office 703-518-8300 ~ Fax 703-518-8314
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
310 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314
Licensed in Virginia

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Well, I have never heard of them and when I tried to pull them up with the address you gave me, I got an error message that said, "Link appears broken"

My fault for having a spelling error in the title... it is actually Any info on the Real web address would be appreciated.
Let me paste in what i wrote for another forum question similar to your but about another company....

I will tell you what I did, then you can do it as well.

Typcially, all these pay sites have "Realtor Directories" so I just query my local area and personally contact those Realtors and ask, "Has being a member of XYZ Company provided a measureable difference to your business?". I did that with and mostly I heard, "No, we aren't renewing our subscription"

Tip # 1: If they have a public "Agent Directory", that typically means they don't have connections with banks and you are just on a mailing list they market on line. My understanding is that legitimate lead generation firms don't pulicize thier Realtor Directories because of the confidentiality agreements they have with thier banks.

Tip # 2: Contact thier current memberhsip or ask for referrals from thier customer service. I call agents across the country on these types of sites. If they don't have a public directory, I call customer service and ask for referrals. Most of the time, they can't give me a referral so I move on.

Tip # 3: Check the local BBB website to where the companies HQ is located. Corporate BBB complaints go to the local office where the HQ of the subject company is located. So, if you check your local BBB but the companies HQ is located in another city, you may not get a complete and accurate picture of thier BBB record.

Tip # 4: Always check with REOPro members, with almost 1000 members across the nation, someone may know something that can truly be helpful.

PS: If you do find out anything, let us know.....please.
I questioned NRBA about them being members and supported by NRBA members - the NRBA answer was basically that the NRBA doesn't endorse them but their members are free to use their membership and probably have had a good experience with them.

Other then that I have not heard anything bad about them but there are other forums with threads on them.
I signed up and paid on 2/6. Received an email later in the day asking for payment. The web site also shows me unpaid; I have the receipt and my CC shows the payment. Started calling the company shortly afterword, 3 emails and 2 voicemails with no reply yet. There is no switchboard. Hopefully it will pan out, I too have heard of both of them. On another note work with RESNET, not sure if RESNET got me any more business but alot of my banks now require that I submit through them.
Have you tried calling (949) 419-2820? I just called this number today and a lady named LeeAnn answered the phone. She confirms what everybody is saying that their website is under repair. For those that have already paid and say they can not get a response, DO NOT CALL the 800 number, nor send an email, try calling the local number (949) 419-2820

I called the number that was supplied to call.I prefer to email when needed.i do not like trying to chase no one down for information.If they email me from a add. that is where i send another.The number you have was supplied to you.I was supplied a different number.
Who do you work for?
I was not supplied the phone number. I noted it from my local search for the company. When I called that number, somebody answered. I work for Real Estate eBroker, Inc.
Thanks for the number. I did call and spoke with LeeAnn. She advised me of the same info..
That is great but did she say anything sbout listings?I have been in contact with someone at that company and I feel somewhat worried.I asked her for addresses of properties.Any in Ca.Her response to me was that due to confidential of their clients she could not provide me.So I told her that the properties are public what is so confidential. I have yet to get another email.
Humm.I think my 200 is gone.....
I hate to say it.. but I sorta feel the same. Not much info was given, just that when assignment are available in my area (GA) they would contact me. I'm starting to really wonder if this is a SCAM.
I am going to update you in a second


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