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I was curious to see if anyone here in the group had experience with Asset Management Servicing, LLC, which operates I received an email from them today to register for BPO & REO assignments, which includes a $200 fee. Their website is pretty basic and vague, so I couldn't see a way to search current properties listed or even if they operate in my part of the country.

Any input that you could provide would be appreciated!

AJ Heidmann, ABR, CRS, e-PRO
Cell 703-474-1260 ~ Office 703-518-8300 ~ Fax 703-518-8314
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
310 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314
Licensed in Virginia

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I just went to REOMAC and sent the following message to them:

"Does anyone at REOMAC know anything about I see that LeeAnn Axcell is a Board Member with REOMAC. I along with numerous other agents have invested hundreds of dollars signing up with there company for REO business and have never heard any more from them. Their telephone numbers do not work and emails bounce back. Is this the kind of people you elect to serve with your organization?

Times are really tuff in this business now-a-days and money is hard to come by as often our contracts fall apart due to no fault of the agent. ADD to that companies such as AMS4REO to "dupe" us out of $300- $400 with empty promises is even worse!! Especially when you have no recourse and your money is "thrown away" once again.

Lesson here - don't trust you or any other company that says they are trying to help the consumer, banks, agents or whoever - they are really only trying to help themselves."
Dee, did you ever get a response to your email to REOMAC about AMS4REO?
They got me for $200 two years ago. Lee Ann promised me a refund several times, but of course it never happened. Maybe if enough send them money, I will get mine back!!

Going back to my old notes I noticed that I send $200.00 to AMS4REO with the application and they did received both the money and my application. I don't know what they did with th application but I know what they did with the money.

Their website does not work.




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