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Their web site says it's a list of 200+ Asset Managers for REOs, they charge $29 for their list. I am always skeptical of web sites that are anonymous -- no person's name, no phone #, no address. I would be more likely to pay if I knew that the list was compiled by a licensed agent with years of REO experience. Or if I knew just something, anything, about the who put this list together, how current it is, and successes from agents, etc... Since they don't provide any info, I'm asking you, my fellow REO listing agents, what your experience is with this company, if any?

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What is the best source to obtain a list of REO asset managers? THANKS for your help!
Hey, I found a great list here on this web site and answered my own questions! THANKS, Jesse!!!

Go to
Thanks Regina. New to this site. This is great info. Time to get to work on it.
I believe it is a valid one. It has been around for a while. Now $29 may be a small investment if you get a listing or a BPO.
I would hesitate to give them your credit card number, FICA first time though. I know one broker is doing business with them for sometime. He is not getting much work through them these days,
I have seen so many lists for sale - it's enough to make my head spin! Fact is most list do very little for you. Many of those that offer listings are not accepting new agents and I have signed up with over 150 companies that offer BPOs and I do BPOs for about a half dozen on a regular basis, while some of the others will send one on occasion, most I have never heard a word from since I was approved by them. There are several places you can find free lists start with google and save your money.

It is a great day if you believe it is!

Best Wishes to All
I agree Bardell. I've seen some of what they are selling and really it's not much different than what's on our partner's tab. A few others I was able to find searching the web. I too have now signed up with well over 100 companies and only have a few that I'm actually getting any assignments from. Hopefully more will come in.
Elizabeth, I think it's WHO you know, NOT how many services you've signed up for. It seems like an "IN" connection is better than signing up for hundreds of companies.

Regina P. Brown
Real Estate Broker, Realtor®, e-Pro
California Coast & Country
There should be no need to pay for a list. There are so many free listings online which contain some of the same asset managers that they are selling.


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