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Hi All

I just pulled their application online and was wondering if anyone had any experience with them. Are they predominantly in certain areas?



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Just so everyone knows, I did a email interview them and will be releasing that soon. I am also going to interview them on my BlogTalkRadio show and take callers so, it should be good. More details to come.
Do you have these replays?
I called and spoke with a rep after i filled out the app. i was invited to burbank, ca for a conference. cost is $495 + air fare, + hotel, + cab fare., and if i want to sign up to be a member it is another $695 + $125 a month? they do guarantee you a isting within 1 year to help recoup expenses, but why shell out thousands of dollars when there is no guarantee you wil get work. i decided to pass for i get plenty of reo work without having to pay this enormous amount of money. has any agent out there received listings thru bridge? i would like to know how much volume you are receiving.
Pretty dog-gone steep!
They called me and said I should be getting my first assignment from them on Monday 5-17-2010. I was a bit concerned about the money too, but I am getting an assignemnt already so that is exciting.

I am looking forward to meeting the people in person in Burbank. I have worked for 10-20 AMs over the past 3 years and never met any of them face to face. So to start off meeting the company reps in person face to face sounds kind of nice for a change.
Hi Jessica,
How long have you been with Bridge Asset Servicing and how much money have you spent so far in getting your first listing? Just curious if they have much listing inventory.
I signed up 2-3 weeks ago, they are new. I will be paying the basic cost to join (and then monthly) and traveling to Burbank June 9-10. I just recieved my first listing 5-18-10, it seems like a nice average REO listing for my area. There is alot to learn since this is a brand new company. There systems and plat forms just got up and running.
Its the 18th. Did you get your listing?
yep. see reply to Judy Cline. Interestingly it was numbered #2, I think as in #2 in the whole system. They are brand new and the platform just got up and running from what I can see. I have not had time to listen to Jesse's interview I hope to do that today also.
So Jessica, it is now the end of the week. Did you get the listing that Bridge promised you on 5/17?
Check out this blog link for some details on my interview with them.

Don't forget, I am interviewing them Sunday.

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Good job on the radio today! I'm starting to think you might be in the wrong business! Great job to Bob and Angelique as well. After listening to them, Bob sounds like one with integrity and Angelique sounds like one with experience. For some reason I have a good feeling about them. I'm trusting my gut and going to join. See ya in Burbank!


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