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Hi All

I just pulled their application online and was wondering if anyone had any experience with them. Are they predominantly in certain areas?



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Did you ever join BSN? I did and got stung big time. I'm still working on getting my refund for over $1000. Please let me know if you have contact with them.


Hmmmm.... smells like they're in it to empty our pockets......Its going to take alot more than 1 listing in 1 yr. to get me..... what if they give you a yucky condo listing...... hmmmm , at 30k- you'll earn from $$$900-1800- of which you'll already have sent that to them in about 3 months of membership............ nah.... I''ll wait till the listings show up.........
Pls Let us ALL know how you do!!!!!
( I hate to be sooo negative...... but, have been here tooo many times..)

(Will keep my fingers CROSSED for you!!!)
I get that same feeling. All I can say is that it feels like all the other companies that have popped up over the last 2 years that use the agents money as their start-up funding.
Even if the guarantee is for real, who knows if they will be in business a year from now. Can't collect from a company that's gone.
I've spent a lot more signing up with the 'established' companies and they seem to have it a policy to think of ways to separate me from my money.
I am more than willing to see how things go with Bridge, at least they seem to possess a fairer perspective than any of my other clients, especially when it comes to carrying costs.
I for one would prefer to work with clients who reward agents for their efforts rather than clients who reward their 'preferred' mega-agents regardless of the lack of effort or property condition.
They expressed things a more sensible manner than I've heard from almost every other reo client I've worked with.
The usual attitude I hear is "You're lucky we give you anything."
That was not what I heard today.
Sounds interesting.
Jesse, I listened to your radio interview. Quite honestly, it was difficult to hear Angelique & Bob - slightly muffled and they spoke too long. Jesse, I will say that you did a good job when you kept trying to get them to narrow down their answers when you had to re-phrase questions, trying to get them to "get to the point". I checked out their website, the map / territory of states w/ the medium inventory was hard to distinguish to very little or no inventory, but at least they are willing to state where they have or will have inventory. In my opinion, the fees are too high to start off with. Butbecause, you, Jesse, appear to give Bridge Asset Servicing high marks, it may very well be worth investing in. In the meantime, I am going to have to hope with a prayer. that some of the other companies that I have invested in will pay off as I am hanging in there by my fingernails as I allowed myself to be suckered in.
Courtney Peace Hagins ABR CDPE SFR HRC
RE/MAX Island Realty
Hilton Head Island, SC
Well said Courtney! If Jesse's in, i'm in. All the money we need to spend! Good Grief!
I applied with Bridge shortly after REOMAC. I enjoyed meeting Angelique Norton of Bridge at the REOAMC in person and speaking to Bobby Funk personally by phone when he called to welcome me to Bridge. I think I am most impressed with the opportunity to meet the people face to face and their stated desire to hire a few strong REO agents and assign properties in significant volume. In the past I have not had the opportunity to really meet my AM’s and the company leaders in person, I find this in personal meeting and training refreshing considering how impersonal some of the REO business has become.

Bridge also has a commitment to rehabbing all properties as part of their model, a much needed selling feature in my market of distress and countless minimum down type buyers. And, the cost of that rehab is not on us agents. Think about this, the cost of JUST ONE rehab could be much larger than the cost of training and traveling you will invest in signing up with Bridge in the first place. It is my understanding that Bridge has a model that has been working very well on a smaller scale and they now have the opportunity to roll out their company nationwide. Bridge has taken the stance that few well trained experienced agents, agents they really know and work with will be a better solution to selling larger volume than a larger ocean of REO agents with a variety of skills and consistency.

I will keep you all posted as I proceed working with this company.
Hello everyone,
I was one of the lucky ones to attend the Bridge Conference. All I can say is Thank You to Bridge! I am very excited about this new venture and I get a feeling that the other 200+ agents that attended are excited too. I did a little research before I signed up and went with my gut and I am so glad I did.
Hey Brigitte,

It was good to see you there and the rest of my new Bridge family. I'm looking forward to working with you all.
the conference was great, thank you to all who made it such a great event. It was also great to meet so many REOPRO members in person and see a few familar faces from other areas of the country again too.


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