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Just wondering your experience with them...Thanks

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I haven't but I would like to, can you send me application process?
Did one BPO with them in April. Didn't get paid until Sept. At that time they required an invoice for payment. They didn't announce that, but I complied and it still took months. I've heard others say they're great, but my one experience didn't bear that out.
I am working with them currently. I haven't had any issues and if you have worked with PMH or any other Fannie Mae AM co. it's the same Fannie Mae processes. I started working with them about 3 months ago with a first listing from them and they already sent me another one. They use their own preservation company (I love that). So good.

Just looked them up, OWENREO is a east coast company, do they give out BPOs and Listings on the west coast? My area is Southern CA. Thanks.


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