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Has anyone had any experience or know about them and their payment history?

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I received a request to do one today, and they want me to sign up and I have never heard of them either. Has anyone heard about this company yet, and if they pay good?

I have received a couple of requests and I don't remember signing up with them.

I did not sign up with them either, they just sent me a request for price and turn time on a property. There is a sign up link on the bottom of the page. When I google the company it appears there are only 2 people running the company, and every link I try to click on shows you are going to and that tells me some thing is fishy about the company.

I would not give them any of my information, there are so many scammers out there no days, and I am not falling for it. If you find  out anything more please advise.

Thank you for the heads up. Janis

Any new news or payment history on this company? Received one request.

any updates on this company - same story as others posted- got email for fee and turn time on an order and given link to signup - google has little on them .. 1st post was couple years ago on this company and topic - someone should know something by now - are they legit or scam?

I have worked for them but payment schedule is slow. takes about 45 days after order is completed before payment is issued. I have received up to $140.00 for an order within 30 miles of me.


Janis do you still work with them?


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