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BPOs have been very slow for us in the St. Louis area since December.  Is anyone else having this experience as well?

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We had less orders in January comparing to December. WA state.
The only company that has sent me any assignment since December it Titanium Solutions
Steady in Florida, down here you can pretty much take what you want if your signed up with multiple companies, probably watched 12 go by this week, I rarely do any for the factories anymore with the exception of Core Logic and thats because they call me direct and I have a hard time saying no. I've seen them come from imortgage, Clear capital, American REO, SPS, and a couple through Equator as blasts so far this week. It's staying steady, but not crazy.
I must be signed up with all the wrong companies, not a thing since November!
It's been pretty quiet. I still have them coming in but not nearly as many. The word I'm getting from multiple companies is they're coming in but they're for all over. So while I'm only getting a few here and there in CA over in the eastern states there's alot more. One contact said it varies. This week the bulk could be in NY and next week CA then the following week AR.
I just had about 20 email blasts from Mainstreet valuations in a matter of a few hours.
I don't understand how this email blast system works..can you let me know, please, and also which companies you know of that do this? I get probably 2 bpos from mainstreetvaluations every 6 weeks..thanks for your time and response.
Vegas is slow ?? Dec was heavy and steady , Jan and Feb so slow..
I am glad I am not the only one experiencing this. I am also in St. Louis and I have had a few orders here and there but not much of anything since the beginning of the year. I am trying to focus on other ways to grow my business since my BPO's aren't keeping me busy.
I am glad things are steady with me I have to turn some down this week because of the weather in my area is so bad, it is hard to drive and take the pictures, I am getting a tons of stuffs from Clear Capital almost 2 a day.
I'm glad they slowing, at list I can concentrate on the real assignments and prospecting.
First American steady. Protech put 6 in my golden invite basket today. Had a call to go to Santa Cruz Mountains in the middle of flooding. Declined,
Old Republic about 1 or 2 a day way too far. Pay is low.
Mainstreet blasted a few, Mark to market had a few could not accept them fast enough, even Evaluonline
called and eMailed last Sunday wanting 2 done in 4 hours. I politely declined them. Infinity had one out of the area...

I go extra step and now and then people will call me asking my opinion about certain areas. When you try to be perfect, they give you more work. But I don't think I got a listing yet. I am in Northern CA.


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