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Are these companies BPO miles or do they provide REO listings as well?

Hello All! Has anyone dealt w/ Black Knight Financial Services aka LPSValuations and RealServe..Are these companies legit and if so Are they BPO mills or do they also provide REO listings? Thanks In a

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BPO mill, no listing. It is bureaucratic.Most employees are fairly inexperienced. It it not what it used to be...

You get paid.

Thank you Sam! What do you know about AMCSS?

I agree with you about Black Knight Financial Services aka LPSValuations or Service Link. They are really good about paying. No doubt, and that is very important, but their reviewers do not know the markets for which they are doing a review, and we - the BPO providers - pay that price.  Let's say that they want to suggest other comps to be reviewed with/by you.  They will send you those comps for your consideration in a format of a "REJECTION notification" which goes against your score.  I would not mind if those comps made any sense and were - indeed - the best and most relevant for the purpose of the given file, but when these inexpert reviewers send you comps that are of a different functional utility, exceeding GLA guidelines, beyond the neighborhood boundaries, with fake closing dates and being even as old as 9-10 month old sale.  They take your time to analyze one by one those unusable comps, they take your knowledge of the market where you have worked for 25  years, and you give them a class in construction styles in the neighborhood, and their characteristics...etc etc, and you show them that those comps they consulted you with were useless... and they will barely thank you and will not bother to remove that "REJECTION NOTICE" from that file...that is cruel. 

So, for those of us who lost money in the past by working for free for Evaluation on line, now being paid on time by LPS is marvelous, because we did not believe in BPO companies anymore, but when you get treated that way by their staff who know nothing about your market is also very bad.

I work with other companies, and their reviewers really know the business.  Really know all the terminology and concepts of the BPO and valuation in general, but not these reviewers. 

Wow! Elena sounds like you have been put to the test several times. Glad you could share your insight. and your points duly noted.

These are 3 really great companies I do BPOs for. 1) Asset Valuation and Marketing, 2)Goodman Dean and 3) iMortgage Services.  All about them is great. Reliable, pay on time, they have knowledgeable teams and they are reasonable. 

I don't know.

Good company - no listings from LPS I have worked with them since they were Market Intelligence.....AND they pay twice a month



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