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Just finished getting this certification. Anyone else taken this for Old Republic and if so, have you seen any REO business as a result of this new designation?

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I have the certification for about 2 months but haven't seen any work.
Hi Valerie
Do you do a lot of BPOs for Old Republic? I have done a fair amount & find they send them to me waiting for my acceptance. I know other agents in my area who do not receive anything. That was my only reason for taking the course, but I suppose time will tell.
What did you think of the training in general?
Hi Crystal
I have been doing this for a while, but thought the contact was really informative. It will not let you skip too much. It is about 12 -15 hours (UGH!). I think of all the classes I have taken so far, it was the best. I do hope it is worth the time & money.
I took the course about 2 months ago. I have to submit E&O for 1 million per occurance and I will be approved. The course was long, but very good information. I have done a lot of BPOs for Old Republic so I hoping that will help with the listings!
I completed it about 2 months ago as well--- nothing yet... (geez- am so tired of saying that....) ouch
Completed in January. Signed up on reovm as well. My profile appoved. I called old republic in April to inquire, because i never recieved any email confirming this. An hour later, i get a username and password for BPO work. I've recieved several orders so far, but mostly were listed short sales - which is fine. no REOs, just BPOs for now.
Evening Ramez,
Were the bpos from Old republic or from REOVM??????

( I'm with both as well... and I only get from ORDMS....)

pls advise??
Hey Rose
reovm - i don't think will assign anything from what i understood because they are just a portal where you load up your documents and have an approved profile that other AM comanies can tap into.

No listings yet in San Joaquin County area since paying the fee. Last listing was via RESnet last summer. Get a few BPOs but generally my email notifications run about 20 minutes behind so I miss alot. If you finish some of them early they bump up the fee by another $20.
Any updates on listings for ORT? I'm in the middle of the certification and wondering.
I have the cert.... and nothing has come of it... its been 3 months..... but at least Ive done enough bpos for them over the last yr. to well cover the cost........ my fingers are crossed!!!!

Regards!! Rose


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