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Just finished getting this certification. Anyone else taken this for Old Republic and if so, have you seen any REO business as a result of this new designation?

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I got the certification & bought the $1 million E&O because it was required on REOVM, with the intention of getting REO listings in March 2010.   I have seen nothing, except more BPOs from Old Republic.  Rather frustrating.  I feel like I just keep throwing stuff  (with lots of time and money) on the wall and so far nothing has stuck with Old Republic.
I know what you mean.  I called Old Republic to try to see what my "rating " is for the BPO side.  When I spoke with one of the valuations managers, he didn't have a clue what I was talking about, which leads me to ask, is there really a system?  I also spoke with an asset manager trying to see where I was in the grand scheme of REO listing assignments.  She did not have any clue either about the rating system except to tell me to keep doing the BPOs.   I told her that I get requests from the BPO mangers to do their BPOs because of the quality work that I turn in,so I must be doing something right.  No one seems to have an answer.  I have more certifications, belong to more "approved" groups for REOs  & I am seeing less assignments with more money out of my pocket to join their platforms.  It is becoming extremely frustrating.  Old Republic is one of the more detailed & difficult BPOs to do as well as time consuming. Does anyone have any suggestions on getting your foot in the door with this company.?

Old Republic requires you to complete 12 or 15 bpos before they will assign REOs.  I personally don't see enough OR REO business in my market to justify the expense for their course.  I still do several BPOs for them each week.  I just don't accept the ones that are too far away since they don't pay that much for BPOs.  They do pay quickly though.

I have done far more than 15-20 BPOs for them, so much so that they can be done in about an hour compared to my very first ones.  I agree they do pay quickly & I am told very good to work with on the REO end once you are in.  This has been my primary reason for sticking with them & trying to provide quality work.  I have to confess that completing BPOs for the different companies has enabled me to expand my knowledge of areas that I might not have ventured into previously.  It has been very good training for an agent with a 30+ year career.  Thanks for the reply.


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