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Did anyone else get an email from this company ARRO. According to the email First AM has changed to this platform and now all agents have to update info on this system. It appeared legit as they had all my expired information. The email and registration does not guarnetee listings however its a $75.00 fee and they indicate a new cleint using that platform has been brought on board.


If all is true its things are lining up to be busy by late 2nd quarter, just a few months away. 

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Yea, I got it. I will wait an see. $75 x 20,000 agents=$1,500,000

Got it to....dosnt mean much.....dunno what to think........LOL
I got it... I got all the way through the questionnaire and then they sprung the $75 fee on via PayPal.  They had all my CURRENT information and they must be affiliated with AtPacREO because I just updated that site.  I can't find anything on "First American Residential Management Services" and maybe this is supposed to look like First Am??  I have sold REO for First American and will contact them to see if this is legit.
I got it too.  The timing was interesting because I just signed on with Corelogic to do BPO's.  I recieved 4 of them in 2 days.  I paid my $75.00, lets see what happens.

I sell property directly for FAREO / CoreLogic (not through a 3rd party servicer), and have not received this email, nor any mentioning of it from my multiple close contacts and connections there.  I will forward the info via email to one of them now and see if they have any input...


Let me know if you want to see the email... I can send it to you directly.
Can you please send it to me Cheryl?
I recieved an invitation just like you and did not complete since no where did they inform me of a fee until the last page and there are no named clients.  I am very skeptical when this companies as for fees up front.  It will be interesting to see what others say too.
I got it too but didnt know what to think of it.....

I received the same email, I paid the $75.00, so will see what happens.  I think $75.00 is pretty cheap considering all the other fees everyone wants, so it's worth a shot, since I spend $75.00 in gas in BPO's in a few days, and I know I will never get the listings.  I keep all posted if I get something. :)

I have listed properties for AtlanticPacific (AtPac) for several years. I also list for 2 other asset management/direct companies. ARRO is by far the best platform I have used. I have contacted AtPac directly and it is true that First American Residential Management Services will be using this platform. This may be different than the First American some of you have worked with...Other companies may eventually decide to use the Platform as well. Because of the good experience I have had with AtPac and their platform, I immediately signed up. We already know the platform, and I definitely want to be ready if they start releasing assets...
Corelogic and this First Am are not the same,  I have firsthand knowledge that this is coming. I know the people that are behind this and they are straight forward and honest


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