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Hi All,
I need your help asap!! I just received an email from a company called Kondaur that wants an evaluation for 14 properties. Has anyone ever worked with them? I don't want to know myself out for nothing and there is no payment. My resume and evaluation will become part of the file sent to the investor. Please Help!!

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Is it customary that you do not get paid for the evaulatio? Did it result in listings for you?
That is correct you will not get paid for valuation. But out of 14 properties you have a good chance to list some of them.
I told you somebody would know something....congrats!
Thank you all! I am going to work on it now!!
Thank you for your expert advise! I am going to evaluate the properties tomorrow and I appreciate your opinion!
Which BPO form do you use? I looked at their website, they don't have any of their BPO forms? Do you use any generic form for CMA/BPOs?
Ok, well, I am hearing about all this good stuff with Kondaur so, is anyone willing to share how to get involved or....willing to throw a lone wolf a bone?
The AM found me on REONetwork, but they do have a website where you can sign up.
I filled out an application months ago and never heard from them. Then lo and behold 4 CMA requests in 1 day with 24 hr turn around.They told me I was on their preferred agent list. Good to know after all this time.!
I have been approached by Kondaur 4 times, each time re large pools they are bidding on. I have done over 20 BPO's and none of them have resulted in a single lead. I just got the call myself to help on 17 assets in Detroit. I finally made the decision to turn it down. I guess it depends on your market. Most people walk on pool in Detroit that could be the difference. Good luck.
That company is a hit or mis. I completed a bpo for them and it turned into a reo. I sold the unit before I even had it listed. They started calling me left and right to do free bpos. I was doing roughly 3-6 a week for 2 months. Then they dropped a big portfolio on me of 20 units. The same song and dance. If they buy the properties then I will get to list the unit. After all said and done I have never heard back. Also to mention I had the 20 units done within 48hrs of the call....
I have followed up several times and get different stories from different employees. At this point I no longer do bpos for them...... Good Luck...
I just got a call from them for one CMA. AM says that he found me using Trulia which I frequently list property on. I will complete this one CMA and see how it goes. Researching the company they seem solid and comments here are good. They state that they will will and acquire the property within 30 days then list. It seems like a good relationship to establish.


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