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Hi All,
I need your help asap!! I just received an email from a company called Kondaur that wants an evaluation for 14 properties. Has anyone ever worked with them? I don't want to know myself out for nothing and there is no payment. My resume and evaluation will become part of the file sent to the investor. Please Help!!

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Kondaur orders most of its BPO's through Lighthouse. If you are signed up and do consistant BPO's with them there is a good chance you have already worked with Kondaur. Thats how I 1st started with them. Now Kondaur calls me direct most of the time.
I signed up with Lighthouse a while back, but this order came directly from Kondaur. I have not heard anything from them after I did the work. I'm hoping that I will hear something! Thank you for your post!
Great company to work with. I think they have the best AMs. Great responds and service. I think you should stay close with them, call them with your information.
That great advice! Thank you
They contacted me. I sent them my resume. I haven't evaluated any of their properties yet. You may want to roll the dice, it depends on how much time is involved.
I have signed up with them for ages, but did not receive one BPO or a call.
Great company. My partner and I have sold one unit that went for $80k over asking. We have another unit coming on the market next week after the remodel has been complete. Just make sure your values are correct. I have been contacted by them a couple of times to explain the value.

Hi group does anyone have an update on tis company?

Joseph, this company is good. I've sold several deals for K. Company is legit.

Thanx Vitaliy


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