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Asset managment sevicing(AMS) Tom Oldefendt - Any word on this company?

Does anyone happen to have a contact for them or even better Tom Oldefendt. His old email was Looking for updates on our donation. There were still promises flying around at recent 5 Star and REOMAC conferences that they were still alive. I do see he is speaking in San Diego. Might go just to say hello to Tom.

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That was a greatly done donation campaign. But I'm sure some agents are successful with them.
Thanks for quick response Vitaliy. I am hopeing to hear about some of those success stories, I doubt there are any. It stinks to put trust in people with your money then never hear back again.
I also "donated" and they never had any assets in california. :(
Creator of company, Tom Oldefendt, I believe is guest speaker at REO CON in San Diego coming up. Would be a great time to direct some questions his way.
I heard him back at REOMAC I think it was the year before last in Hollywood, FL. That's how I heard of the company. I just looked up my main city in their broker map on and there are tons of agents signed up. I even see one agent from my office that doesn't list REOs. Hmmm.
I too donated and it's looking like it was charity.
I just dug up the last email they sent me in April of 2009, it seems the company kinda changed hands and Tom wants us pestering someone else :) When the email came in I found it odd and figured he wasn't involved anymore. I went with it because one of our biggest REO brokers in town gave a referral.

As a valued AMS business partner we would like to inform you that If you need any information about the status of your account, modifying your personal information or about REO property listings you can contact :

Craig Berardi
19500 Jamboree Road
Irvine, CA 92612
Tel: 949-475-4984

We are looking forward working with you.

Best Regards,

Asset Management Servicing
He did give up control to the "company". When I did see him at REOMAC in Hollywood he told me he had taken control back and things would be changing. That was 3 months ago and still nothing. This is why I would like to contact him but do not have a way to. I might have to reconsider REO CON for that reason.
Well if he gave up control.. then there's a huge issue coming up for CREOBA.. he is one of the panelist for their upcoming event in Calif. And guess what company he is representing. And when you call the number they gave, it's now an REO Solutions website. Funny how we were never notified of this, huh? Less than credible on his part. I personally went for it because of his association. I'm going to paste the email where exerpt where it shows his current representation of the "company". And Craig runs the company that goes to that phone number Tom gave. I think it would have been very approrpriate to disclose this to anyone who paid to belong. REO Solutions has not attempted to let us know where to find our membership.


Alice Sorenson - Light House Real Estate Solutions
Craig Berardi - REO-Solutions
Ken Pratt - Old Republic Default Management Services
Brad Knapp - BREO, Inc.
Tom Oldefendt - Asset Management Servicing
Miguel Pena - Commercial REO Asset Manager
Are you going to conference Dawn? Would love to really find out what is happening with this company many of us had faith in. I never received any notifications from Craig or Tom about any changes back in April. I only heard about them by confronting Tom at REOMAC conference. I did hear many agents had some heated questions for him at REOMAC. Unfortunately I missed that while there.
No, unfortunately I just have not allocated time or funds for this event. I have emailed both REOMasters and CREOBA about this though and referenced this discussion. I see this as a credibility issue and outright theivery. We have obviously been taken advantage of and the attempt to just disappear is glaring. This kind of thing always comes back on you, so I am not willing to say it was intentional at the start, but it sure has been intentional keeping where our membership is hidden from us. I personally want my money back. If the company disintegrated, then none of us got what we paid for. The only thing that would fix this credibility issue for me is a full refund. Realtors talk, you know this will go out of this forum and will get back to both parties involved. Can their reputations withstand it? Will they ever been seen as credible again? I don't know.. Clinton survived so anything is possible :) Just remember, our money probably helped them start this new company and I bet if we dig deep.. we will find a relationship between the two companies. Of course I have no proof of this because I have not taken the time YET to delve into both companies and find a connection. As I think more about this, it fires me up and I want some answers and money back.
It sounds like a fair request for all if no longer a viable company. Would love to hear what you get for a response. Thanks for all great info you provided.


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