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Assigned a new listing through Aurora and I got a big surprise.

I was given a new listing assignment, and went out to do the usual occupancy check. I had a hard time finding the property. I ended up talking to a neighbor and asked him about the property. He took me over to the front of the house, and this has never happened to me before. The house was completely missing. Apparently had burned to the ground. The only thing left was basement full of water, and a metal frame where the old manufactured home used to sit.

I'm adding a picture, but I dont' know if it will come through.

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They will have you sell land only as I had one couple years ago where current owner moved mobile home and left back porch alone .
I just got another occupancy check request for this property. Sometimes I wonder if these asset management companies have a clue.
I'm asking this question under this post since it's about Aurora. For those of you who work with Aurora directly, how do you get more listings from them? Do you drop a hint to the asset manager while you're in escrow on a listing with them & has that worked, for example? Appreciate the feedback.


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