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Assigned a new listing through Aurora and I got a big surprise.

I was given a new listing assignment, and went out to do the usual occupancy check. I had a hard time finding the property. I ended up talking to a neighbor and asked him about the property. He took me over to the front of the house, and this has never happened to me before. The house was completely missing. Apparently had burned to the ground. The only thing left was basement full of water, and a metal frame where the old manufactured home used to sit.

I'm adding a picture, but I dont' know if it will come through.

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Hey Rob, be creative with your marketing like, tons of storage in your basement, or here's the pool with water :)
Hahahaha, LOL.

How about berm style home with huge skylight.
ROFLMAO!!! WOW, I haven't had that one yet.....
lol, shows the importance of actually doing a real drive-by. I wonder how many people would have written it up without even driving out there to look at it? Good Job!
I had the same hing happen to me with a BPO when I called the company they wanted pictures to prove it. Then they wanted me to do the BPO for land only.
LOL - was this a test???

I loved some of the responses for marketing ideas. What a creative bunch we all are.

Good luck - Beth Ross
Hey - have you ever tried to take a address picture of - land and more land and more land? No mailbox, no house number on the LAND, no number on the curb - dirt road.
You're right. address verification pictures sure are tough when there is no house or address. In a couple of cases, I took a picture of the addresses of the houses on both sides, showing that my property must be between them.

How about when they want a picture of the rear of the home, but the borrower still lives there, and it's a little awkward to walk around the house.
Lots of scrap metal! At least you get some money out of the whole deal lol.
Oh no, Don't you know. Safeguard is responsible for clearing the property. I still don't get anything.

All joking aside, my asset manager said they were sending safeguard out to pump out the basement, and cover the hole.

I thought it was a waste of money, but I learned early that you don't second guess asset managers.
That is crazy! And I was just freaking out because the previous owner of my new listing took the front door. It could definately be worse. LOL!
I had one last year that took the front door, back door, garage doors ,all the closet doors, cabinet doors and drawers Then took the A/C unit inside and out, pool pump,diving board, all light fixtures, fans and all the copper wiring. Even the Hot Water Heater along with the door bell, tile from the shower wall and toilet seats. Also any hardware that was left anywhere else. When I got there, all that was left was a "shell". This was a nice home at one time! How worse could this get? But it went on the market for $98,000 and the first day, I had 10 offers. It sold for $125,000. A Realtor bought it.


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