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Does anyone have any idea what just happened with Aurora Loan Servicing in California?

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I have no idea, however, I had 4 pulled.  Dang it!
I had 11 pulled.  2 were days from closing escrow.  Which asset management company pulled them from you?

Had the same... one had a CFK for tomorrow with check in hand.  That was not a fun call to make to the occ.  Serviced through USRES.  Email - me for more info 


Good Luck!

Yeah, I am having to make the call to my occ today.  Its not going to be a fun convo especially when they are using the CFK to help them with moving costs.  Its going to put them in limbo all the way around.
Just got an email from Legal that they reviewed and can now proceed forward.  You guys too?

Everything is back on track this morning.  Pushing to close the ones that were in escrow very quickly.

Yup!  Back to business.....whew!  That was a close one.


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