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I was just asked by an asset company if I was B of A approved. 

I am not but have tried to become approved by signing up multiple times.  

My guess since I am in a large firm someone else is but we are all different agents.  

I have closed many REO's and have my own small firm REO's I work with.  

How do I get with the big boys and kick some butt in my area.

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The BofA approved requirement is gone!  They can assign properties if needed

Byron, where did you heard this?  USRES wouldn't let me get BofA assets unless I can show prove that I am approved.

Well, I was told by one of the outsources that they don't require to be an approved agent for them to give you the  business, however there are others who claim that no training will be given by them.  They are putting the training to the direct agents to avoid costs. 

My question is if you are approved directly wit BofA, why you want to work with AMP's, I don't get it.

I am not approved with BofA, I had a contact that could potential get me on USRES list to list BofA assets but her superior said that I needed to show some kind of proof that I was approved, therefore, I was wondering how do I go about to obtain that proof (letter).  I have applied many times to BofA realestateagentresource.. com before but never heard anything from them.  Is there another way I can approach this to try to get in?

You and the rest of Us here!  


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