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I work with around 100 companies as an Independent Contractor of this only 2 BPO firms have required a Background Check. 

For the agents online here I'm curious to see how many of your BPO companies require a Background check.   Do not list the Company in your reply, just the number of companies requiring a Background Check.

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I did pay Sterling for one background check then another 2 companies required them. We had long discussions as to why I should pay for another check by the same company. Finally they said get a copy of check from sterling, black out some info & send it to them. They accepted the copy. I also said I was tired of their "lunacy in mgmt policy" that required vendors to pay more than once for a identical document.

3 of my companies asked for the backround check, but, I only paid for one of them and sent the same one around.  If they tell me that I have to pay for a new one, I decline.  There are too many companies out here that don't require a background check for me to pay for a background check and then not get any more orders than I would have anyway.


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