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Hi there - not an REO question but thought you might be able to help. I cannot get through to the Bank of America side of B of A. When I call, I sit on hold forever and then get disconnected. Anyone having luck talking to the short sale team? I have no problem on the Countrywide side of B of A.

Also, what is the fax number for Citi short sales - I have faxed to the one printed on their paperwork for short sales but they keep telling me they dont have record of my fax. Thanks!

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BOA Ph # 1-866-880-1232 and fax 1-888-491-4947. FYI, if it's a short sale, it really should be in REOTrans now.
Where in REOTrans if I may know? Thank you Jesse!
Hey Jesse - I uae realtrans for my reo clients but havent seen anything on the short sale side. I did see the article from realtrans on B of A's use of the system. That will be interesting.
What level membership do you guys have at REOTrans?
I was at 5 Star in Dallas and did the basic Cert., I've been on the fence about paying/upgrading to the Platnum, which is $500.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
If you are wanting to utilize the REOTrans platform for your short sale, have your client or you call into BOA 1-866-880-1232 and tell them you want to use the REOTrans platform. You may have to hang up and call back several times to get someone who knows how to do that but, when you find that one person, it will make a difference.

I have the basic certification and I will not upgrade. Truth is, it's really not worth it. In my opinoin, it's just another way REOTrans is trying to milk agents out of everything we make.
Brigitte I just did a search for Bank of America on the disscussion as I started the group and was looking for some good content. I wanted to invite you to join the group and add any helpful information as well ask ask any Bank Of America questions.

I have been told to get on RES.NET by Bank of America to get contacts for REO check out the group it has some helpful info for you that I was given from Bank of America.

Short Sales must fax the required documentation to the Short Sale Department at Citi to1-866-641-4350 to fax Citi


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