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Does anyone have any information for becoming part of the Bank of America preferred broker network?

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thanks miguel!!!
Yep, takes a referral from someone they trust or already do business with.
I talked to a B of A loan officer recently and he said that I should check back with him after the new year. I believe they would need to refer you to the appropriate person in charge.
thanks for your response.
Thanks for response. I am registered with first prestons B of A division, I have direct contact to northeast Fidelity asset coordinator who has told me list is full, skyhill does not work in CT but I do have a contact for them, I have registered with MCB but do not believe they do anything in CT USRES I have tried to make contact with many times. I do appreciate your response.
Skyhill does not seem to have a way to sign up as a listing broker. Does anyone have an idea how to get REO listings from them? I have ten years experience already selling REO's and this business is just starting to increase in my area.
I had been told to talk to a local BM and I did. She asked me to give her my resume along with any certifications, etc. She forwarded it along last week...we'll see.
Let me know how that works out, Good Luck!!!!
They had an email that was sent out a few weeks ago from the VP of a local branch in my area asking LO's for agents/brokers that are interested in going on their waitlist. My preferred BA LO contacted me when it came across and added my information to the list. We'll see what happens?
I keep asking my loan officer and he says they might be using a new system that is not set up yet. I am pushing him to find out how I can get in with BOA reo's.
John I just did a search for Bank of America on the disscussion as I started the group and was looking for some good content. I wanted to invite you to join the group and add any helpful information as well ask ask any Bank Of America questions.

I have been told to get on RES.NET by Bank of America to get contacts for REO check out the group it has some helpful info for you that I was given from Bank of America.


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