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Hi all,

Does anyone know how to apply to be an REO agent for BofA?  It shows they have a Preferred REO Agent they only assign to RE offices or will they accept individuals???  Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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Thanks so much for the link.  I just signed up...let's see what happens!

Thank you Justin. You are great.
Thank you Justin!!!!!!
Thanks a bunch Justin.  Good luck with your application.

BOA will assign to individual agents.  I'm not working directly with BOA . I did have Sky Hill Asset management company ask me if I would do BOA, I do some BOA for other asset management companies. I think BOA is WWW.AmericaBuys If you know something about contacting BOA directly, please let me in on it. I would like to work directly with BOA.

I got registerd with them but no listings. Here is the number but need to have the extension no other wise system will through you out

Toll Free: (888) 470-4770

If you work with a BOA loan officer ask them if there are any openings in your area.  They can submit your name for an account.  We received an account from them 3 years ago when they opened up for more agents in our area.  They have told me that they don't need any new agents in our area at this time.  We have also received a BOA property from another asset management company.

Well, to my surprise, I just received my first prelist assignment! I thought it may take a month or so but that was fast!
Awesome news Justin!!!!!  Congratulations!  Thank you for your information too:)
Congrats Justin and the best of luck to you.
Congrats Justin..... I have also signed up with them. Lets see.......
Congrats Justin Good luck


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