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Hi all,

Does anyone know how to apply to be an REO agent for BofA?  It shows they have a Preferred REO Agent they only assign to RE offices or will they accept individuals???  Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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Funny how things always work out. No less than an hour after my post, I got my first asset with BAC. Their system is slightly different than Fannie and Aurora.

Did you use the online apllication link posted here? I filled that out a few weeks ago. Did you call a phone #? What is that #?  I was looking to fill out the Master Listing Agreement for B of A. Did you have to do that  and upload all other things in Equator?

No, I did not. They emailed me an application out of the blue. I was referred anonymously. I completed the instructions in the email, got a phone call, and that was it. Very clean process, and the interviewer was very kind.

Thank you, Anonymous!

Maybe you could forward that email application to me ?  I am not in competition with you here in California. i am really needing more business.

Congrats to you Steve! I was referred to the site from Landsafe, filled ou the app yesterday, staring at the phone waiting for it to ring, maybe not:)

Just got my 2nd listing today!  Just re-keyed, finished the BPO, I will be putting the utilities in my name tomorrow.  So far so good!


thanks for link, I've submitted my application and got a email today with applications from BofA incl MLA and Agent application.

Thanks again,

Hi Justin,

Will you please email me the link to apply  for BOA. I am located in St Louis MO.

Thanks, in advance.L

Hi Justin,  Could you e-mail me the link to apply with BOA.  I am located in NC.  Have used equator for short sales.  Much success to you.   
That is great!  Once you submit all the paper work, they will call you for an interview.  After the interview process and you get approved by their upper management, they will send you an email with "Congratulations, you have been selected as a BAC REO agent."  Good luck and let me know how it turns out!


Who is our local B of A loan rep supposed to contact to recommend me to them?????  None of mine seem to know who above them runs the show to get to the REO contact who then recommends me to get the invite and phone call? Who Who Who can my loan rep call? What is the phone number or email address please? Send to


I have applied online and uploaded docs to Equator, but I still wonder..... IF I was not actually "invited" by the email received from B of A, and phone interview, then would I actually be "found" on Equator if an Asset was assigned in my area?


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