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Hi all,

Does anyone know how to apply to be an REO agent for BofA?  It shows they have a Preferred REO Agent they only assign to RE offices or will they accept individuals???  Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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I had to ask my loan officer to dig deeper, ask management to refer REO agents.  My loan officer told me the same thing but she talked with her manager and she was able to find the contact.  Ask you contact to ask around.  Usually, loan center branch manager knows who they need to contact.  Good luck!

Vitality- I received the same email from BAC yesterday but no links or attachements in there. COuld you please email me the attachments, it says we have a week to complete them but I have not response from my request to them yesterday. Email address is here:


Thanks- Mike

I received that same email with all the documents attached. Giving us a week to upload everything into equator. This is exciting. We'll see what happens.
Good luck everyone BofA is great to work with.

Outsourcers that BAC uses referred most of the agents getting in. I recieved a random email with the app package, got my interview call 10 days after, and got my first listing less than a week after the interview. BAC is ready to drop the other shoe!

Can I get the applicationfrom someone..... would help alot??/ Thanks!!!
Daniel, What type of question did they ask in the interview?  I was also sent the e-mail with the application package a few days ago and I'm now waiting for the phonre to ring!
Don't know.  Received an e-mail saying I was referred to them. Attached was a whole package including a MLA
I signed up with BofA from the link they emailed me.  Its a one page application, but they said they are not taking any new agents at this time.  Is there another application besides the one I received from them and the sign up link?


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