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Hi all,

Does anyone know how to apply to be an REO agent for BofA?  It shows they have a Preferred REO Agent they only assign to RE offices or will they accept individuals???  Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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This is very interesting.. B of A and an Onion and all the layers.. I love that analogy, but instead of thinking of layers I think of the TEARS of so many that try and get NO WHERE...  One of these days someone is going to take one of the Loan Officers from B of A to task that approaches with the quid pro quo  of give me mortgages and I will get you REO...and then can not produce.  I know I get that all the time from loan officers that want to my short sale clients... it is turning into the oldest line in the book, but not just from B of A.... all the lenders are doing it.


My loan officer buddies are all hearing get more Realtor Business but they don't have any variation in the products or costs so it comes down to personality and follow up... We have two loan options.. VERY STRICK CONFORMING and Impossible FHA...

Hi Justin,

Thank you for the link. We just signed up and can only hope we have your good fortune! Thanks again.

My company has been registered via that same link earlier this week at the request of a BofA rep!  Hopefully we're all onto something good with this information!  Wishing each of you the best!
Does anyone have any success from singing up through the link with B of A yet?

I got signed up, was selected, was sent a full application, completed the full application, was interviewed over the phone, and was told to expect up to 15 listings from them.  That was over a week ago, and I've not received the first one yet.  But sounded very promising! 

Hi Chanin,

Just click this link..

Then scroll down a little, and Click on the Apply and learn more about BOA's REO Broker Network..


Good Luck!

Mike Allende

Greater Orlando Realty

Orlando, FL



Here is the package they sent me to sign up with and the links to their requirements on Equator


Sorry they only allow 3 files and I got sidetracked here is the MLA and Equator announcement

Click this link to sign up with B of A. 
I was referred by an anonymous source. I never filled out any official application. Did the application and phone interview. They said they would let me know in 5-6 weeks. That was 2 weeks ago. Still got my fingers crossed.


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