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Is anyone familiar with the company Banker REO?  We received a call from them, and are trying to find out if they actually have REOs or just BPOs, and if anyone has worked with them in the past.  Thank you!

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I have heard of 2 companies like that. One is BankerREO and the other is BankREO. If you do a topic search, you should find info on both.



Watch this 2-minute video PROVING that Banker REO and FootprintRE are the exact same company!


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BOGUS. Got calls from them at least once every other month, asking for upfront payment $349. Don't throw your $ down the toilet.

I live outside of Washington DC, I got the call on late Friday. They want $349 to access their website. Gave me a  BPO assignment..  Do they have assets? What their deal?

Georgie, dear, please tell me you DIDN'T fall for their scam...  aaarrrggghhh

This is a bogus company..They will take your money, assign you one BPO, pay your 50$ and this will be the rnd of it. You will never hear from them again. They will never answer your emails.

run---- dont even acknowledge them.... they are con men....


Don't do it, they are scum, I sorry scam artists!!

I received a call from them as well. Thank goodness for REO PRO! I was aware of their scam and I saved $349.00.

Hide your debit card!! Scam!

I received the call yesterday, and was ready to sign up, but luckily I googled them and found this and many other similar post.

Just called the rep. and told him I was no longer interested and not to proceed with my activation. He thanked me and wished me luck. I think I saved myself $349.

That is great! Glad to hear it! 


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