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Is anyone familiar with the company Banker REO?  We received a call from them, and are trying to find out if they actually have REOs or just BPOs, and if anyone has worked with them in the past.  Thank you!

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Folks, Ive done thousands of BPOs over the last 3.5 years. Yes, thousands. There are only a handful of legit BPO portals sites out there, and MANY 'posers' who claim to put you and lenders together. Its almost all BULLS***. Its a cottage industry to bilk you hopefuls out of monthly fees. The major lenders contract with the biggies such as Corelogice, and dont have time to have their managers looking through these fee sites to match properties with local brokers.  Of course there are smaller, regional portlas who take on inventory from (of course) smaller regional banks and especially local credit unions, so I suppose you could say a list with 100 BPO companies is real but not practical .  Marktomarket, corelogic, goodmandean and severl other virtually own the USA market.

Just got a call from them yesterday, they sent me the "Service Agreement", good thing, I was able to cancel the print job before I sent it to printer and thought of checking them out first, and thank God, I found your blog, it saved my hardearned  $349.

I had a really good month last July so I thought I would mess with ABSREO and pay their silly money...well I did and I did get 2 BPOs...both listings went to other agents.  Since the BPOs I did were for the 2nd, not the 1st on the house.

Does anyone have any email for BankerREO?  I have sent a "contact us" email and they have ignored me.

There is no email they will respond to.  This is a scam operation.  They just keep changing their name when people catch on to them.


this scam has been running for several years--lookup   absreo ( absolute reo) on this site.... same company-= same scam---- learn from the rest of us--- dont even talk to ur $$$$$$$ save your patience, save your time!!!

I have been dealing with REO properties to the tune of about 250 listings since 2005 and they just about ceased in 2010, I was dealing with three asset companies and only paid fees at closing " on the HUD", ie: commissions and very small management fee to the asset company. Any company who "calls" are not real, real companies request all you insurance information, company Broker information and copies of the Broker's and Associate's license, and most of all if they want money upfront...hang up the phone!!

LOL, I just got this email from them and I've had no contact in over a year when I called his bluff on the phone...before he hung up on me.


August 28, 2012

Dear Steve Adkins,

We appreciate your desire to
join our agent network. We regret to inform you that we are unable to accept you
into our agent network at this time. We are constantly adding services and
coverage areas to our network. Should our business needs change in the future,
we will contact you. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us regarding
your experience and qualifications.

If you feel you have received this
email in error, contact us by e-mail at or by phone at (888)-356-9111.

They called me last Friday and there fee is $349.00 for joining and no guarantee on REO listings.  I politely listen to the pitch and declined.

If anyone needs the following contacts, have at it:

BankerREO, Mark Carnegie, Account Executive @ 847-454-7885 , as of 9/22/2011

New asset company: FootprintsRE.

Everything about FootprintsRE is similar to BankersREO (even the location).  As we all know, BankerREO is a scam.  Proceed with caution.

Run away as fast as you can. This is a scam. After you pay to sign up, they hand out BPO orders of properties that may be already in escrow, or near to foreclosure. They appear to give legitimate reasons for needing a "2nd" valuation, but don't believe them.



Watch this 2-minute video PROVING that Banker REO and FootprintRE are the exact same company!


Share this video and help it get VIRAL!


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